Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update and Chit Chat

Well its been a while but I have a reason. I have been very busy! I am now working 3 jobs. 1 full time job and 2 part time jobs. It keeps me very busy and some days I only get about 3 hours of sleep. I'm not going to be doing this very long but for now I am and I won't get to blog as much as I want to. But I love my part time jobs. That's the good news. I hate my full time job......so I will be quitting it before long, hopefully in about 2 months. :)

My 100 list has suffered because of this because somedays I honestly don't get to work on it at all. I really need to get busy and get more done. I have been cleaning out closets, this week. OK I started cleaning out mine and told my guys that they need to clean out theirs or I would and I would get rid of any clothes that I didn't think they needed any more even if they still wanted them. My boys cleaned theirs out but not my husband so guess what, yes I get to clean his out.

I have gotten to crochet a little bit, but not much. I have started working on an afghan that is a corner to corner. The colors are pretty cause it is browns and blue varigated. I found a blue that is the same color in the varigated that I'm going to use as the border.

Well thats all for now. I have many things to do before I have to get ready for work.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

I Got It Done!!!

Yeah, I finally got it done. :) That is probably not the best picture in the world but I didn't like the ones taken in the house, so I opted to go out in the cold. Do you see the frost on the windshield?

I ended up using 6 skeins of my stash yarn and bought 1 for this ghan. I got done last night and would you believe I started 2, yes that's right 2 more ghans. LOL. I'm so addicted! And right now I'm really into making ghans. Ok for the first one I started. It will be 12inch squares. And the second one is a diagonial ghan. The 1st one will help to deplete my yarn stash even more, and that is a BIG stash. The 2nd one I'm using yarn that I found at Wal Mart. It is their brand Main Stay. But this yarn feels just like Caron's Perfect Match, and I love the feel of that. The color I'm using is Brown Multi.

Well I really need to go get started on my 100 list, oh yeah, I've not told you about that yet. Well I got the idea from Tara, over at her blog, and if you haven't read about it you should. It's a great idea! Thanks for the idea Tara. And be sure you read the January 21st entry for the Ten Day Turnaround.

That's all for now,


Saturday, February 10, 2007

thought I'd share

Today I thought I'd share a pic of one of my ghans. I still don't have the Esthers square done but it is getting closer!!!! Yeah, so anyway here is a pic of a 9 patch sampler ghan I done a few years ago.

You know you are on dail-up when you are uploading a photo and almost make a full round on your afghan while waiting. urgh. Someday I might be able to live where things go a little faster!!! Thats only one of the woos of living in the country. :)


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

What I'm working on

Right now I'm working on an afghan using Esther's Square. The pattern is for a 12inch square, but instead of making 12 squares I'm just making one big one in different colors of blue. I'm almost finished. I've got two colors of blue left and I'm done! Yeah! But in all honesty I'm late, this was suppose to be my January project. My goal is to get at least 12 projects done by christmas so that at christmas I won't be crocheting like crazy just to get everything done. Well see how it goes. :) As soon as I get done I'll post a picture. It is a really nice pattern and easy to do.

My First Post

My name is Tracey and I love to crochet. This blog will be about my crocheting adventures and my finished projects. I will also be talking about some of my daily adventures, 1) I'm trying to get my house organized, but with a hubby, two teenage boys, a cat and two dogs, it sometimes seems impossible!!! Stay tuned.

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