Friday, October 19, 2007

Great Find!

Last night before the football game, hubby and I went to the dollar store and guess what I found?! Yarn!!!!! for a $1.00 a skein!!! Yes I found L.B. Incredible ribbon yarn, and L.B. Fancy Fur. I only spent $18 on yarn but I did buy all the ribbon yarn they had left and then I also got 2 different colors of Fancy Fur. I am working on a kercheif, for myself, with the ribbon yarn, and who knows what else I'll make. I think I'll make some scarves with the Fancy Fur. I went to the L.B. site for some patterns but I was really disappointed with what I found. Any one else have any ideas?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Drum Roll Please....

And My Good News Is.....
I am now the Assistant Manger at my place of employment! Yeah for me. Ok the job title is really just 2nd in charge but that is what I am now. The manger, because of health reasons, stepped down the assistant manger is now manger and I was choosen to be the assistant manger. It comes with a nice raise, and who couldn't use that. Lots more responsibilities and I'm sure stress. But I'm so excited!!!!! Did I ever mention that I love my job?! Well I do and not a lot of people can say that these days. I've been doing the happy dance since yesterday!

Now for some crochet talk.
I have been working on my corner to corner ghan still, and while I've also been unpacking I still have not found my border yarn. ugh! But I did find my four square ghan that I was working on so much before I moved so I will be working on it before long. yeah! I really like that ghan and I haven't decided if I'm going to sell it or give it away for a xmas gift.

Sorry for the pause, but that second cup of coffee was calling my name! Yes today I was going to sleep in, I don't have to be a work till this afternoon, my son has no school today, so what a better thing to do than sleep in? Guess what? I woke up at 3:48 am. And I usually get up at 4. So I didn't get to sleep till my usual time of gettin up. So I thought oh well I'll fix my pot of coffee and go get on the computer and chat and look for patterns, I just love doing that. :)
Have a great day!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Ok, Here is some almost news

Today I will hopefully have some good news too share. I will know more when I get home from work, so be on the look out either later today or tomorrow morning for my good news and if it turns out to be not good I'll let you know that also. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's been going on

Good Morning everyone,
That is if I still have any readers. I know I'm very bad at posting, but life just gets so busy sometimes. Since I last posted we have moved and that has taken up most of my time. I'm still not completely unpacked yet. I have been doing some crocheting, when I really should be unpacking. LOL. But I have been making kerchiefs, cause I wear them at work, and one of the ladies that I work with wears them too so I make them for her. I have also been working on my corner to corner ghan that I had to frog half of, it's starting to look a little more like it did before I had to frog it. But even if I get it done soon I'll still have to find my yarn for the border. It is still packed up somewhere. :( I have also been trying to throw away alot of stuff while I'm unpacking, and you wouldn't believe how much I have thrown away and I still have sooooo much stuff.
I have got to get some batteries for my camera and then I'll take some pictures of my kerchiefs so that you can look at them. Many different colors.
Well gotta go. I'll try really hard to start posting more.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

More photos

Here are 3 beautiful pictures taken at the river where hubby and I go camping. See the rope swing? Yes I even jumped off of it and let me tell you, that river is COLD! But it was fun and I'd do it again.
You know being on dail up SUCKS! But I did finish square #3 while I was waiting for the pictures to load up.
Now I have to tell you I have a new addiction, as though crochet isn't enough. LOL. I am so addicted to Guitar Hero II. My boys got me to try it and I love it. It could have something to do with the fact that when I was younger, my dream was to be in a band. I love to sing, but I don't sound good at all, so that is why I never went for it. But we all have dreams. So anyway, I'm still in the easy level, and I'm doing good on the song "Crazy On You" by Heart. I'm over 90% on the song. The first time I did "Freebird" I only got 61%, I can now finish the song, but my percentage is less than 90 %. I did do one song on the medium level, I even placed in the top 5, 5th to be exact. Then my youngest son played it and knocked me out of the top 5, he just had to do that. :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hi everyone,
See that bass?! Yes I caught him last week. Hubby held him while I took the picture. :) He weighed about 1 1/2 to 2 lbs. I did let him go but I sure was proud of him. ☺ I have more pics to share and I will later but since I'm on dail up it takes a while for them to load. Cause I have some of the river that I think are beautiful. It is so quiet and peaceful there. I think you will love them too.
I have been crocheting also. I am trying to get a ghan done that I have been working on for some time now. It is made with scrap pieces. It will be 4 squares that I will put together when they are done, can't wait to show you a pic of it. So I'm really trying hard to get it done. I'm almost done with the third square. Not to much more to do. And then I will have to decide what border to put on it. I'm still trying to decide on that one.
That's all for now. I'll try to share more photos later.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Well I went and did it again

Yes I know I've been a very bad blogger. :( But first let me explain. During the month of May, I was working so many hours that I just didn't have time to post. During the month of June, I had no internet, turns out that it was fixed for about $10. That was a relief, and during the month of July and the first part of August I have been tring to catch up on my emails. I had over 600. I still don't have them all read but I only have a little over a 100 to go.
Now as for my crocheting. I have been making a lot of kerchiefs, cause we are able to wear them at work instead of hairnets. woo hoo. I'll get a picture of all that I have made for you later. My corner to corner ghan, well I ended up frogging almost half of it, and am having to redo it. But it is getting there. I started making a couple of bags, for myself, but they will probably end up going to someone. They always do.
And of course I have been doing as much fishing as possible. Haven't caught to many but I still have a great time.
I will try to get some pictures up as soon as possible.
Till next time.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I know I've been a bad blogger!

And I'm sorry for that! but life just gets in the way sometimes....
Now do you see all that yarn? Well guess where I got it? Ok, I'll tell you. My hubby went to a yard sale and got it for, are you ready for this, $1.50!!!!
The bag of yarn is a kit from Herrschners for a ripple afghan full of Orlon Sayelle Yarn. ( I probably won't do the ripple, I'll find another pattern to do.) There is a skein of Red Heart Plush, 2 skeins of eye lash, 3 skeins of Red Heart worsted weight, and 2 skeins of Lion Brand Chenelle Thick and Quick. Oh what a great hubby for getting this for me!!! Especially since he thinks I already have more yarn than I'll ever use. But I'm having fun trying to prove him wrong.
The next thing to go on my hooks will be a bikini, its not for me, but for a friend. I showed her a pattern I have and she fell in love with it. So she asked me to make her one. And of course I said yes. That will be the first one for me to make. But it will be good exercise, lol, so that when I lose all of my weight I can make me one. As if I would wear one in public. :) Not gonna happen. But I will probably make me a bikini top to wear here at the house when I'm outside working in my yard. Lots of trees along the road so no one would see me when they drive by.

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Sky

This is the view I had yesterday evening coming home from work. The sky looked like this pretty much all day. But it was a pretty site to see.

Now this is what it looked like when I got home and as soon as I got out of the car, I took the pic. We actually thought it was going to at least rain, if not storm, but it never did.

I thought I would share a pic of my ghan. This is where I'm at with it right now. The pic is not very good, so maybe the next pic will be better. And that little black spot on the right is of course, Ozzy. He wasn't to happy with me, because I disturbed him while cat napping. :) Methinks I'll go and crochet some more! Have a great day!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

fun day fishing

Look at the whoppers my friend and I caught yesterday!!! Ok we did catch a few that were a little (and I do mean a little) bit bigger. But we had a blast. In all I bet we caught about 30 or more. And yes we were at a pond and not at the river this time. I didn't have my camera with me when we were at the river, but I will next time!

I have even started crocheting on my ghan again. It was a little cool this morning so I dug it out and started crocheting on it. It's big enough to use as a cover while I'm crocheting on it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Life has been.....

BUSY!!!! Ok where do I start? Last week I had to work a lot of overtime because one of the ladies at work was on vacation and another one was in the hospital. So that left just 3 of us to do all the work at the deli. We were all tired and stressed but we made it through the week. So I really didn't have time to even get on the computer, my email box is sooooo full that it will take a while to get caught up on that. My crocheting has suffered, I'm really behind on that. We have hired a new girl so it should help slow things down a little bit. And I can get back to crocheting. :)
Has any of you ever eaten Jalapeno Cheese Bread? Well I made some yesterday, well I made 12 loaves of it. hehehe And it was sooooo good. We at the deli had to try it out first and then of course I had to buy one so that my guys could try it out at home. They absolutely loved it! I'm fixing to go make a new recipe that I was told about yesterday at work. It is a cornbread based recipe. If it turns out good I'll post the recipe here so that if you would like to try it you can too!
Well when I got home last night my hubby had a suprise for me. :) Yes it was a Dale Earnhardt Jr. purse! Isn't he so sweet?! He then told me that he was going to try and get me a Kasey Kahne purse and possibly a Tony Stewart purse and some more Nascar stuff!
Well gotta go and COOK!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tragedy at Virginia Tech

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this horrible tragedy.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Now isn't that the life?! Yes it is.... OK blogger let me post them finally. So I thought I'd go ahead and share my photos.

A little catching up

I know, I know, it's been a while. But it seems I've had so much going on that I just haven't had time to post. So I'll try to catch up today...

I was so busy at work before Easter, that I was working a lot, and by the time I would get home I was just too tired to get online. Since the holiday is over is has slowed down some.

I didn't get to go see Tony Stewart, :( but there were people that starting camping out the day before at 2 in the afternoon. One of the ladies that work at the car dealership, works out at Curves, I also workout there. And she said he did end up signing more than 500 autographs but he was arrogant and didn't even thank his fans for coming to see him. That was on Friday. Then on Saturday Kenny Wallace was there. He was very friendly and had all the women eating out of his hands. He thanked all of his fans and actually talked to them. I should have tried to gone to see him. But I had to work that day.

My crocheting has suffered. I have got to do a little but not very much. I have probably gotten about 1/3 of my shirt done and I haven't even picked up my afghan in probably over 2 weeks. So I'm really behind on that. And the only pictures that I have taken are of my cat. He was sleeping on the back of the couch with his feet hanging off of the pillow. It was so cute that I couldn't resist taking it! LOL... Well I tried to post it but blogger won't let me. Maybe my next post.

Friday, March 30, 2007

My next project

I really don't know why but this week I have been suffering from insomnia. I haven't slept much all week but last night I went to bed a little after 11:00 and then a 2:00, I was wide awake. So to the coffee pot I went and made a pot of coffee. I then decided to look thru my crochet folder (on desktop), then I opened the clothing folder. I wanted to crochet something, my ghan is in the bedroom and I didn't want to wake hubby. After looking at a lot of clothing pics and patterns I decided to just make a shirt with my own pattern. Something easy, not much thinking to do. I did find a stitch that I had never done, and I decided to use it. It is called the extended single crochet. I like the look and it is working up pretty fast. This is what I have done so far. I know the pic isn't that good but since I haven't shared any photos lately I thought I would share this with you. This will be the body of the tank top. After I get the body done I will add some straps, then crochet around all of it and it will be done. Like I said, not much thinking to this one.
Well it is time for me to go jump in the shower and get ready for my day. I have got to go work out and tan then go to work.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Well today was weigh in day and I haven't lost any but I didn't gain any either!!!! That is the good news. I still have a long way to go!

I did get some crocheting done last night. I worked on my ghan. I think I'm getting bored with it. I do have over 50% of it done, but since it is all the same color I think that is way. Maybe when I get on the border it won't be so boring. It is a different color. So I'm hoping that will help, and of course I will almost be done by then.

Hope everyone has a great evening.....

Monday, March 26, 2007


Well I didn't get any crocheting done last night after work. Bad me!

I have gone for a 3 mile walk this morning and it was great. I'm not going to be working out today so I decided to go walking. Tomorrow is weigh in day...lets hope I've lost some more! I'm pretty sure I have cause the other day I got into a pair of pants that I haven't wore in a year! I was so excited! I have also been trying on shorts that were tight and they aren't anymore, Woo Hoo!!!! I have got to get to drinking more water, I like water but I just don't drink enough of it.

Today since I don't have to work I do plan on doing a lot of housework, my guys didn't do everything they were suppose to, (see previous entry about that). But I didn't figure they would.

Sorry for the interuption but Ozzy decided I needed to be loving him instead of touching my keyboard. :) You gotta love that, a cat being jealous of the keyboard!

See you later (if blogger will let Me!)

My week and Nascar

I tried to post this yesterday, but again blogger wouldn't let me so I'm trying again...
Well I tired to post again twice yesterday and again blogger wouldn't let me. So I have contacted blogger but I haven't heard from them yet and I still don't know if this will post. But I'm trying!!

I've only gotten 1 of the scrubbies half done. I was really wanting to finish it last night, but I was just to tired, so I went to bed at 9:30. Yes I know that is early but this old woman was tired. LOL. I do feel much better this morning. I haven't even worked on the CTC ghan this week, and do you realize that this is the last week in March? So I have got some serious crocheting to do this week. I have Monday off, so guess what I will be doing Monday? That's right crocheting and doing housework. Yes the housework never ends! I have to work today and I have given my guys a list of cleaning to have done before I get home. Well see how that goes. But I'm sure I'll be doing most of it tomorrow. I haven't had a chance to work on my 100 list this week. Ok maybe I should have said last week. At work I had to pull extra hours because we had a very big inspection on Friday. The guy that was doing the inspection rates your department on a scale of 1 to 10 and he said he doesn't give out 10's (that is the best you could get). The deli received two 9's! Yeah! The manager was so proud of the whole store that he is going to do something special for all of us. Oh yeah the whole store done great! Well since I have to work today I don't get to watch Nascar, but next week guess who I am going to meet? Tony Stewart!!! Yes, he is coming to Batesville, because if you are a Nascar fan you know that Mark Martin is from Batesville and he has a car lot in Batesville, and some of the drivers come to the car lot to sign autographs and meet the fans. I missed Kasey Kahne, and I absolutely am a big fan of Kasey's! Now if I could only meet Dale Jr.! Oh how sweet that would be. :) And of course I'll share photos of Tony and hopefully I'll be right next to him. I was planning on going to Taladaga this year but since I'm working at a new job I can't go, so next year you can guess when I'm taking my vacation! My sister is going to go with us cause she is also a big Dale Jr. fan. She was standing in his driveway getting her picture made and guess who happen to drive by? Yes, Dale Jr. himself. He waved at her, and her picture was taken at that moment and you could see the shock on her face. Now I have met Mark Martin many years ago, and that was before he was a pro driver. Many years ago my dad used to be a truck driver for Mark's dad. We had went over to their house for some reason and I met him then. I have seen him racing here in Batesville on the dirt track. We use to go to the races almost every weekend when I was younger.

Well I've rambled enough today, so I better get going and get my day started.... Till next time.....

Friday, March 23, 2007

Trying to post again

I know it has been a while, but blogger wouldn't post my post! So I'm trying again and let's hope it makes it this time.

I'm still crocheting on my C-T-C ghan, but I have also been working on some scrubbies, for some of the ladies that I work with. They all love my crocheting so I decided to make them something.

I'm doing good on my diet, so far I've lost 3 lbs. Yeah! I would really like to win this diet challenge cause there is $140 dollars at stake! But then again, I'd also like to see some of the heavier women that are on the diet challenge win, just so it would help keep them motivated to keep losing weight. We wanted to do this challenge different from the last one. On this one you cannot take pills or have had any surgeries, just hard exercise and healthy eating. Also on this challenge the winner will be determined by the combined total of weight loss and inches lost. We all had our inches measured on the first day and we won't do the measurements again till May 10. But we will do a weekly weigh in. That is to help keep us motivated. Oh yeah and if you gain a pound, it will cost you a quarter. So the pot could get bigger but let's hope not. :)

Well its time for me to get my day started so till next time.....

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Explaining last post

The reason I've added a weight loss tracker is because starting March 15, I will be in a diet challenge. For each of us that are going to be in the diet challenge it will cost us $10. If you gain any weight, it will cost you more. :( So I can't gain any. Hopefully I will be able to keep it updated correctly. I'm hoping to post it after each of my entries. We'll see how that goes. Oh yeah the diet will last for 8 weeks, till May 10th. I really don't care if I win I just want to lose weight! So I will be posting about my weight loss and excercise.

trying something new

I'm trying something new, so it might work and then again it might not! :) I have so many things to learn about this computer. LOL.


Well I've been crocheting on my corner to corner ghan, and I'm a little over half way done. As soon as I figure out how to post those little boxes in the sidebar for progress of WIP's, I'll get that on the blog, and I think that would help be a motivator for me to see them get to 100% done. ;)

As I was reading blogs this morning, I read at that they have started a granny square a-long. I thought about joining in on it cause I have started a 12inch granny square ghan. But I don't know when I will get it done since I'm doing the c-t-c ghan. That is my main focus right now. Oh and a couple of the groups that I'm in have been talking about doing crochet a-longs. One of them is going to be a freeform a-long, and this picture is a great inspiration. Isn't that beautiful? I think it is breath taking. I've never done freeform but have admired many projects made in that form of crochet.

Well its time to go get some housework done and of course some crochet. :)

Do you see that cat? Well I have a black cat and he is my baby. But this morning I was ready to put him out. At 2:30 am he decides to wake me up because he was hungry. He thinks he has to eat every few hours. And I just happen to be the type of person that when I get woke up I can't go back to sleep. This is going to be a long day. I have to be at work at 7:00 this morning. Oh what a long day this is going to be. Thank you, Ozzy, (That's my cats name). He is as sweet as can be and he does love me. He wants to be in my lap when I'm sitting and wants me to hold him all the time. As a matter of fact he is curled up in my lap right now.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Crochet Update

This is what I finished in February. I decided to make something small in order to get something done each month. These are my own pattern, but I haven't written it up yet. They are quick and easy to do. I'm still working on my corner to corner afghan and the 12inch squares pattern, even though I've only gotten 2 squares done. I'm really gonna try to get the corner to corner ghan done this month.
Well I did it. I went ahead and quit my full time job. I feel so much better!!! I had gotten to the point that I really hated going to work. So now I'm just working my 2 part time jobs. I'm really, really happy!!!! I have more time with my family, more time to crochet, and more time on the net. (I love reading blogs and looking up patterns). And I belong to a few crochet groups, and I love sharing things with them. I have made some really good friends that I would have never met otherwise. You Rock Ladies!!!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update and Chit Chat

Well its been a while but I have a reason. I have been very busy! I am now working 3 jobs. 1 full time job and 2 part time jobs. It keeps me very busy and some days I only get about 3 hours of sleep. I'm not going to be doing this very long but for now I am and I won't get to blog as much as I want to. But I love my part time jobs. That's the good news. I hate my full time I will be quitting it before long, hopefully in about 2 months. :)

My 100 list has suffered because of this because somedays I honestly don't get to work on it at all. I really need to get busy and get more done. I have been cleaning out closets, this week. OK I started cleaning out mine and told my guys that they need to clean out theirs or I would and I would get rid of any clothes that I didn't think they needed any more even if they still wanted them. My boys cleaned theirs out but not my husband so guess what, yes I get to clean his out.

I have gotten to crochet a little bit, but not much. I have started working on an afghan that is a corner to corner. The colors are pretty cause it is browns and blue varigated. I found a blue that is the same color in the varigated that I'm going to use as the border.

Well thats all for now. I have many things to do before I have to get ready for work.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

I Got It Done!!!

Yeah, I finally got it done. :) That is probably not the best picture in the world but I didn't like the ones taken in the house, so I opted to go out in the cold. Do you see the frost on the windshield?

I ended up using 6 skeins of my stash yarn and bought 1 for this ghan. I got done last night and would you believe I started 2, yes that's right 2 more ghans. LOL. I'm so addicted! And right now I'm really into making ghans. Ok for the first one I started. It will be 12inch squares. And the second one is a diagonial ghan. The 1st one will help to deplete my yarn stash even more, and that is a BIG stash. The 2nd one I'm using yarn that I found at Wal Mart. It is their brand Main Stay. But this yarn feels just like Caron's Perfect Match, and I love the feel of that. The color I'm using is Brown Multi.

Well I really need to go get started on my 100 list, oh yeah, I've not told you about that yet. Well I got the idea from Tara, over at her blog, and if you haven't read about it you should. It's a great idea! Thanks for the idea Tara. And be sure you read the January 21st entry for the Ten Day Turnaround.

That's all for now,


Saturday, February 10, 2007

thought I'd share

Today I thought I'd share a pic of one of my ghans. I still don't have the Esthers square done but it is getting closer!!!! Yeah, so anyway here is a pic of a 9 patch sampler ghan I done a few years ago.

You know you are on dail-up when you are uploading a photo and almost make a full round on your afghan while waiting. urgh. Someday I might be able to live where things go a little faster!!! Thats only one of the woos of living in the country. :)


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

What I'm working on

Right now I'm working on an afghan using Esther's Square. The pattern is for a 12inch square, but instead of making 12 squares I'm just making one big one in different colors of blue. I'm almost finished. I've got two colors of blue left and I'm done! Yeah! But in all honesty I'm late, this was suppose to be my January project. My goal is to get at least 12 projects done by christmas so that at christmas I won't be crocheting like crazy just to get everything done. Well see how it goes. :) As soon as I get done I'll post a picture. It is a really nice pattern and easy to do.

My First Post

My name is Tracey and I love to crochet. This blog will be about my crocheting adventures and my finished projects. I will also be talking about some of my daily adventures, 1) I'm trying to get my house organized, but with a hubby, two teenage boys, a cat and two dogs, it sometimes seems impossible!!! Stay tuned.

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