skeins of yarn

I've got 2 more done. Total now is.... 11

4 more skeins done ;) I did get my goal of 6 done for January. So now I have 3 more to go for February. Making granny squares is a great way to use up all that yarn. And I have been making alot of them.

2 more skeins are gone!!! My total is now 5.

This page is going to be my record of how many skeins of yarn I complete for 2012. So far I have finished off 3.  Two of the skeins were for scarves and the other one is for the GAD that I'm working on. Maybe I should set a goal for the end of the year. So I'm going to go with 72. That is 6 skeins a month. Wish me luck.!!! :)

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