Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Life has been.....

BUSY!!!! Ok where do I start? Last week I had to work a lot of overtime because one of the ladies at work was on vacation and another one was in the hospital. So that left just 3 of us to do all the work at the deli. We were all tired and stressed but we made it through the week. So I really didn't have time to even get on the computer, my email box is sooooo full that it will take a while to get caught up on that. My crocheting has suffered, I'm really behind on that. We have hired a new girl so it should help slow things down a little bit. And I can get back to crocheting. :)
Has any of you ever eaten Jalapeno Cheese Bread? Well I made some yesterday, well I made 12 loaves of it. hehehe And it was sooooo good. We at the deli had to try it out first and then of course I had to buy one so that my guys could try it out at home. They absolutely loved it! I'm fixing to go make a new recipe that I was told about yesterday at work. It is a cornbread based recipe. If it turns out good I'll post the recipe here so that if you would like to try it you can too!
Well when I got home last night my hubby had a suprise for me. :) Yes it was a Dale Earnhardt Jr. purse! Isn't he so sweet?! He then told me that he was going to try and get me a Kasey Kahne purse and possibly a Tony Stewart purse and some more Nascar stuff!
Well gotta go and COOK!

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