Friday, October 19, 2007

Great Find!

Last night before the football game, hubby and I went to the dollar store and guess what I found?! Yarn!!!!! for a $1.00 a skein!!! Yes I found L.B. Incredible ribbon yarn, and L.B. Fancy Fur. I only spent $18 on yarn but I did buy all the ribbon yarn they had left and then I also got 2 different colors of Fancy Fur. I am working on a kercheif, for myself, with the ribbon yarn, and who knows what else I'll make. I think I'll make some scarves with the Fancy Fur. I went to the L.B. site for some patterns but I was really disappointed with what I found. Any one else have any ideas?


rightbrainedamoeba said...

have you tried

for patterns? It's an amazing website. ... and they're links to all the free patterns you could want :)

Lanee' said...

aren't dollar store finds fantastic! it's like a surprise christmas.

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