Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's been going on

Good Morning everyone,
That is if I still have any readers. I know I'm very bad at posting, but life just gets so busy sometimes. Since I last posted we have moved and that has taken up most of my time. I'm still not completely unpacked yet. I have been doing some crocheting, when I really should be unpacking. LOL. But I have been making kerchiefs, cause I wear them at work, and one of the ladies that I work with wears them too so I make them for her. I have also been working on my corner to corner ghan that I had to frog half of, it's starting to look a little more like it did before I had to frog it. But even if I get it done soon I'll still have to find my yarn for the border. It is still packed up somewhere. :( I have also been trying to throw away alot of stuff while I'm unpacking, and you wouldn't believe how much I have thrown away and I still have sooooo much stuff.
I have got to get some batteries for my camera and then I'll take some pictures of my kerchiefs so that you can look at them. Many different colors.
Well gotta go. I'll try really hard to start posting more.

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