Monday, March 26, 2007

My week and Nascar

I tried to post this yesterday, but again blogger wouldn't let me so I'm trying again...
Well I tired to post again twice yesterday and again blogger wouldn't let me. So I have contacted blogger but I haven't heard from them yet and I still don't know if this will post. But I'm trying!!

I've only gotten 1 of the scrubbies half done. I was really wanting to finish it last night, but I was just to tired, so I went to bed at 9:30. Yes I know that is early but this old woman was tired. LOL. I do feel much better this morning. I haven't even worked on the CTC ghan this week, and do you realize that this is the last week in March? So I have got some serious crocheting to do this week. I have Monday off, so guess what I will be doing Monday? That's right crocheting and doing housework. Yes the housework never ends! I have to work today and I have given my guys a list of cleaning to have done before I get home. Well see how that goes. But I'm sure I'll be doing most of it tomorrow. I haven't had a chance to work on my 100 list this week. Ok maybe I should have said last week. At work I had to pull extra hours because we had a very big inspection on Friday. The guy that was doing the inspection rates your department on a scale of 1 to 10 and he said he doesn't give out 10's (that is the best you could get). The deli received two 9's! Yeah! The manager was so proud of the whole store that he is going to do something special for all of us. Oh yeah the whole store done great! Well since I have to work today I don't get to watch Nascar, but next week guess who I am going to meet? Tony Stewart!!! Yes, he is coming to Batesville, because if you are a Nascar fan you know that Mark Martin is from Batesville and he has a car lot in Batesville, and some of the drivers come to the car lot to sign autographs and meet the fans. I missed Kasey Kahne, and I absolutely am a big fan of Kasey's! Now if I could only meet Dale Jr.! Oh how sweet that would be. :) And of course I'll share photos of Tony and hopefully I'll be right next to him. I was planning on going to Taladaga this year but since I'm working at a new job I can't go, so next year you can guess when I'm taking my vacation! My sister is going to go with us cause she is also a big Dale Jr. fan. She was standing in his driveway getting her picture made and guess who happen to drive by? Yes, Dale Jr. himself. He waved at her, and her picture was taken at that moment and you could see the shock on her face. Now I have met Mark Martin many years ago, and that was before he was a pro driver. Many years ago my dad used to be a truck driver for Mark's dad. We had went over to their house for some reason and I met him then. I have seen him racing here in Batesville on the dirt track. We use to go to the races almost every weekend when I was younger.

Well I've rambled enough today, so I better get going and get my day started.... Till next time.....

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