Monday, March 26, 2007


Well I didn't get any crocheting done last night after work. Bad me!

I have gone for a 3 mile walk this morning and it was great. I'm not going to be working out today so I decided to go walking. Tomorrow is weigh in day...lets hope I've lost some more! I'm pretty sure I have cause the other day I got into a pair of pants that I haven't wore in a year! I was so excited! I have also been trying on shorts that were tight and they aren't anymore, Woo Hoo!!!! I have got to get to drinking more water, I like water but I just don't drink enough of it.

Today since I don't have to work I do plan on doing a lot of housework, my guys didn't do everything they were suppose to, (see previous entry about that). But I didn't figure they would.

Sorry for the interuption but Ozzy decided I needed to be loving him instead of touching my keyboard. :) You gotta love that, a cat being jealous of the keyboard!

See you later (if blogger will let Me!)

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