Friday, March 23, 2007

Trying to post again

I know it has been a while, but blogger wouldn't post my post! So I'm trying again and let's hope it makes it this time.

I'm still crocheting on my C-T-C ghan, but I have also been working on some scrubbies, for some of the ladies that I work with. They all love my crocheting so I decided to make them something.

I'm doing good on my diet, so far I've lost 3 lbs. Yeah! I would really like to win this diet challenge cause there is $140 dollars at stake! But then again, I'd also like to see some of the heavier women that are on the diet challenge win, just so it would help keep them motivated to keep losing weight. We wanted to do this challenge different from the last one. On this one you cannot take pills or have had any surgeries, just hard exercise and healthy eating. Also on this challenge the winner will be determined by the combined total of weight loss and inches lost. We all had our inches measured on the first day and we won't do the measurements again till May 10. But we will do a weekly weigh in. That is to help keep us motivated. Oh yeah and if you gain a pound, it will cost you a quarter. So the pot could get bigger but let's hope not. :)

Well its time for me to get my day started so till next time.....

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CrochetManiacs said...

We missed seeing your post. Glad you are back in here now. Good luck to you with your diet. I so need to do that very thing, wish I could have gotten in on this with you all. I am setting a date now to April on my B-day.....maybe another group will do one of these (I so need the motivation) and I can get in on it with them. I know my health would be improved, and I would feel so much better for it.

Keep posting, we look forward to reading your blog :)

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