Sunday, March 4, 2007

Crochet Update

This is what I finished in February. I decided to make something small in order to get something done each month. These are my own pattern, but I haven't written it up yet. They are quick and easy to do. I'm still working on my corner to corner afghan and the 12inch squares pattern, even though I've only gotten 2 squares done. I'm really gonna try to get the corner to corner ghan done this month.
Well I did it. I went ahead and quit my full time job. I feel so much better!!! I had gotten to the point that I really hated going to work. So now I'm just working my 2 part time jobs. I'm really, really happy!!!! I have more time with my family, more time to crochet, and more time on the net. (I love reading blogs and looking up patterns). And I belong to a few crochet groups, and I love sharing things with them. I have made some really good friends that I would have never met otherwise. You Rock Ladies!!!!


Tammy said...

You rock too, you know!!! I love what you've managed to get made in such a short amount of time.
What do you do with all those great afghans you crochet?

Tracey said...

I usually give them as gifts, unless it is my own pattern then I have been known to sell them. I have even had some of the people that have recieved them want more. :) My SIL told me "you can never have enough afghans".

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